Information for members

The ASDI membership fee consists of a base fee (per ICU) and a bed-related fee. Base for the bed-related fee are the number of systemized beds (not open beds). For hospitals and hospital trusts with several ICUs, there exist reduced price models (see below). The membership fee is linked to the Austrian Consumer Price Index (VPI).

Membership fee (2023):

Fee per ICU € 1.883,00
Fee per bed €    266,00

Reduced membership fees with:

1 - 4 ICUs 0 %
5 - 9 ICUs  10 %
10 and more ICUs 20 %

ASDI is not a company with respect to the Austrian VAT law, the prescribed membership fee thus contains no VAT. In case of any change of the VAT status we put notice that any resulting VAT would be additionally charged to you.

Membership fees are to be paid per ICU; Registration of an ICU does not commit the ICU or it's owners to any action aside the payment of the membership fee, any participation in projects are on a free-will base. Membership cancellation leads to a loss of all entitlements for any services granted by ASDI and there exists no right for a reimbursement of the fee or parts of it.

Membership Application Form 2023

Information for members 2023

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Maintenance fee and Oracle Licence

büll informatik gesmbh is responsible for maintenance of ICdoc pro and the Oracle Database licensing and system. This package is not included in the above mentioned membership fees and must be registered and purchased separately. Details concerning the maintainence package are available below.

ICdoc Maintenance Package 2023