The non-profit organization ASDI was founded in 1996. Currently more than 100 ICUs in Austria and several ICUs in Italy and Portugal participate in our projects.

The aims of the non-profit organization ASDI are:

  • the care of severely ill people.
  • the support of the health of critically ill people.
  • to ensure the quality of the treatment of critically ill patients according to the suggestions of the Austrian Ministry of Health and the World Health Organisation.
  • the development and provision of methods and helpful tools to offer doctors, working at Intensive care units (ICUs), the possibility of internal and external quality control. Thus to help them to improve their care for these patients.
  • to provide a program for external quality assurance.
  • the goal is to offer a supra-regional quality assurance program in order to evaluate the standard of intensive care therapy. This should give participating ICUs the possibility to compare themselves with the cohort.
  • to improve the quality of medical treatment of critically ill patients.
  • the evaluation of process- and outcome- quality should build the base for specialised task forces. The definition and application of guidelines and recommendations should adhere to international standards.
  • to improve the care of the critically ill through the conduction of scientific multimember studies;
  • a continuous improvement in the medical treatment of critically ill patients is - due to the small number of patients in each centre - only possible through multimember studies. Aim of ASDI is thus to contribute to support the assessment and evaluation of intensive care data in order to help to achieve this goal.
  • the evaluation and analysis of data for scientific studies.

The scientific evaluation of specific treatments should be supported to guarantee continued improvement in the quality of care.